Our Services and Prices

Personalized service entails personalized prices. All listed prices are estimates. We want to be transparent with our prices.

  • All prices advertised and estimated are for 5 quarts of oil

  • Additional quarts of oil will be charged according to type

  • We are able to offer most brands of oil to accommodate your preference

  • We are able to help you research your vehicles factory recommended oil.

Pricing FAQ

1.) How does this work?

    First make an appointment here online or give us a call at 828-123-4567. We will follow up the online appointment with a call within 15 minutes of you making the appointment. We will discuss which oil you should use and if you have a canister or cartridge filter. At this point we can discuss any specific needs that you want met, a location to do the work, and a solid price estimate. We will show up, get the keys, get to work at our discussed time and location, collect payment and continue on our day. We estimate and shoot for this service to last 1 hour or less.  

2.) What is the difference between a "Standard" and "Premium" oil change estimate?

        The "Standard" oil change estimate includes a generic motor oil and a canister oil filter.

        The "Premium" oil change estimate includes the factory recommended "Branded" motor oil and a cartridge filter.


         because personalized service entails a personalized price we use these estimates so that our customers have a general idea of how much our services will cost them.

2.) What is a cartridge filter? Why does it cost more? How do I know if my car has one?

      A cartridge filter is a environmental friendly filter that is becoming more popular in cars today because the traditional canister oil filter is considered hazardous waste. When a car has a cartridge oil filter we add about $20 dollars on the service because the installation of the O-Rings or other complications usually add more time to the job. In our initial conversation we will advise you if your vehicle has a cartridge filter.

3.) How do you determine the price of an oil change?

     We simply add the cost of the materials, the cost of overhead, and add labor, (which is about $20 an hour). 

4.) How do you know which oil to put in my car and will it void my Warranty?

      We research factory publications, such as MB 229.5 or GM 6094M, to find the factory approved motor oil. We also meticulously record  the oil type and date of service so that your Warranty will not be voided.

5.) What makes our services different?

      We deliver a dealership quality oil change to your house. Using a Oil-Vac  Pump and an Oil Spill mat we can guarantee a clean and efficient service only slightly more expensive than a quick lube and considerably more affordable than a dealership with out sacrificing quality.


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